Course Details

Learn how to install the JumpCloud agent, including details about the agent and multiple options for installation. You will also learn how to bind users to devices, either manually or using Self-Service Account Provisioning

  • Estimated Course Duration: 20m

  • Who: This course is for IT professionals who have admin permissions within JumpCloud and on local devices for their organization, and who have experience with the installation process on Windows and/or Linux. Optionally, experience with command-line installations.

  • Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives

  • Functions and architecture of the JumpCloud agent as a way to manage devices via JumpCloud.

  • Requirements for installing the JumpCloud agent on Windows and/or Linux.

  • Options for installing the JumpCloud agent on any device and how to identify the best option for you.

  • Steps to install the agent on any device using manual installation and/or command-line installation methods.