Partner Learning Guide

When you become a Partner with JumpCloud, you will have full access to our Partner Learning Paths. These also include access to the Sales Professional Certification and Technical Consultant Certification. Click the button below to learn more.

Partner Certifications

We have certifications tailored to our Partners. The Sales Professional Certification will help you with presenting the business benefits of the JumpCloud platform, and the Technical Consultant Certification will give you foundational knowledge of the JumpCloud platform.

Want Access to These Resources?

Reach out to your Account Manager for access to these Courses, Learning Paths and Certifications designed for Partners.

Why JumpCloud?

Manage and secure access from any device to any resource, anywhere with an open cloud directory platform.

  • Establish Security and Growth

    Create high recurring revenue streams with a robust tool that addresses a wide set of client needs.

  • Set Up and Manage With Ease

    Govern all of your JumpCloud clients from a multi-tenant single console management portal. Plus, your account representative and JumpCloud University are here to help.

  • Deliver a High-Demand Solution

    Offer new and existing clients one of the leading cloud directory solutions on the market that can connect to devices, networks, and apps using secure open protocol.

Do These Jeans Make Me Look Phat?

IT Admins

When a user learns a new tech skill some are heard to announce, "they can be taught!" Well, so can we...come learn a new skill.

Selling JumpCloud: Partner Sales Training


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Technical Exploration & MTP: Partner Technical Training


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