Course Details

Learn how to remotely manage MacOS devices from a single point of access, configure and track device enrollment, and leverage the UI security commands for both Windows and MacOS devices.

  • Estimated Course Duration: 35m

  • Who: This course is for IT professionals with access to their organization's Apple Business Manager (ABM) or Apple School Manager (ASM) account who need to manage their MacOS devices using MDM (Mobile Device Management) through Apple's DEP (Device Enrollment Program) or ABM/ASM.

  • Prerequisites: Reviewing your organization’s ecosystem of MacOS devices, policies and applications; Working with certificates (CRFs) and uploading to an Apple account (Apple ID/Business Manager); & Creating device groups in JumpCloud

Learning Objectives

  • Manage MacOS devices from a single point of management

  • Configure MDM by applying certificates (CRFs)

  • Enroll devices in MDM through policies for pre-existing devices/device groups and newly purchased MacOS devices in DEP via zero-touch enrollment

  • Create new MDM custom configuration policies and apply ready-to-use configuration policies

  • Secure your Windows devices using four easily-accessible UI commands