Course Details

In this course, you'll learn the options to provision and deprovision access to resources, including features to help you scale, the steps to provision each resource, and the end user experience.

  • Estimated Course Duration: 30m

  • Who: This course is for IT professionals who have rights to provision and de-provision company resources to selected users.

  • Prerequisites: Adding devices/users in JumpCloud; Configuring additional resources in JumpCloud, such as applications, directories/LDAP, and/or RADIUS; Creating user groups in JumpCloud; Optional: Creating user groups in JumpCloud

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how JumpCloud saves you time and increases the security of your onboarding/offboarding processes.

  • Understand options to provision users individually or through groups.

  • Understand steps to provide user access to devices, applications, directories/LDAP, and RADIUS.

  • Identify options to securely deprovision user(s) and when to use each option.